February 3, 2024 – WAR Wrestling returned to the Bradfield Community Center for Love is A Battlefield. During this night fans were entertained with 8 hard-hitting matches. Results are below.

Alienated Youth (Riley Reinhart & Martian Webb)vs Aaron Williams & Matt Taylor (WINNER)

The night started with a bang. First the tag-team of Alienated Youth came out and cut a promo about wanting the best. As they say that “The Darkstar” Matt Taylor’s music hits and he comes out to a huge pop from the crowd. He gets on the mic and says he is the best and will take them both on. Suddenly Aaron Williams music is heard and he come out and talks about respect and beating it into Alienated Youth and as if Taylor wants to team up. 

The match is set and in the end Matt Taylor and Aaron Williams come out on top. What does the future hold for these two once heated enemies? Could we see them make a run at tag gold in the future?

Brandon Fields vs Jean Paul Le Miserable vs Mitchell Taylor vs Chris Hall (WINNER)

The second match of the night was originally a one-on-one match with Brandon Fields taking on Jean Paul. As the two of them hit the ring Mitchell Taylor’s music hits and he come out and basically inserts himself into the match. If you recall he was in a triple-threat match with Fields and Jean Paul last month at New Year New War. So now it looks like a repeat from last month…but wait “The Silverback” Chris Hall’s music blares in the Bradfield Community Center to an excited crowd. 

Hall come out and cuts a promo that he is cleared to wrestle and not we have ourselves a fatal 4-way. In the end Chris Hall wins and returns to the mic to announces he will be ready for the Anniversary show on June X and will be the first entrant into the Jermey Lane Battle Royale.  

Bryant Huff vs Quassis Starr (WINNER)

Our third match saw new and rising star Quassis Starr take on Bryant Huff. In a quick and fast match Quassis Starr takes home the win and continue his hot streak in WAR.

(WINNER) Beastman vs Dalton McKenzie

Our 4th match saw Beastman come out with Jexy Blaak. Who will be his opponent(s) tonight. The music hits for a new tag team to WAR. They come out see Beastman and run right to the back. Jexy is now on the Mic issuing an open challenge to anyone in the crowd. A person emerges from the crowd to accept the challenge. This person is Dalton Mckenzie who has experience wrestling and is a big man that looks to be able to go toe-to-toe with the unstoppable Beastman. The two go back and forth with Beastman ultimately taking home the win.  Who is this new person of Dalton Mckenzie and will we see more of him in WAR? 

(WINNER) Jacob Rose & Ryan Michaels (Hantourage) vs The Wiseguys (Gino Decapo & Tommy Irish)

The Hantourage take on The Wiseguys in our 5th match. A back and forth match between these two with a interesting ending. Near the end of the match the ref is distracted and Ripper Blackhart has a shoe and looks like he is about to hit one of the Hantourage members with it when he stops. Tommy Irish yells at him to hit him and he doesn’t. Ripper ends up hitting Tommy Irish because he is yelling at him. This causes Gino to be distracted and the Hantourage come away with the win. 

Are the Wiseguys and Ripper reaching the end of their partnership? Tensions are high. At the next show we will see what will happen.

RESPECT Title Match

Jake Ely vs “Poison” Apollo Starr (C) (WINNER)

Our 6th match before the semi-main event saw a battle between Jake Ely & Appollo Starr for the RESPECT Championship. A back and forth match where in the end Appollo retains his title to continue being a fighting champion. At the end of the match Appollo’s son Quassis comes out to celebrate with him. Appollo hand him the title as he goes to the op rope to celebrate with the fans. Quassis places it on his shoulder and celebrate with his dad. Then he looks down at the title and freezes and stares are it. Appollo finish celebrating with the fans and goes t o grab his RESPECT Championship and there is some tension in this moment as Quassis doesn’t let go immediately. 

SEMI-MAIN EVENT – Tag Team Title Match

(WINNER) Wicked (Amos & Kronos) w/ Jexy Blakk (C) vs “The Shameless Trillers” Jimmy Shane & Will The Thrill 

Our semi-main event was a tag team championship rematch for former champions The Shameless Trillers. After last months event many fans wondered if Jimmy and Will are back on the same page. First t come to the ring are the Tag Champs of Wikked with Jexy Black. Next Will the Thrill and Jimmy Shane music hits and they come out and everything seems to be good. They are hyping the crowd up as they always do and dancing. 

The match begins and its back and forth for a while with The Shameless Thrillers in control with Jimmy in the ring and looks like they are in position to regain the tag titles….then Will blind tags Jimmy and takes over in the match. You see tension between the two with Jimmy yelling I had it. Jimmy leaves to his corner and Jexy taught him causing him to chase her and he runs into Kronos outside the ring who levels him. Inside the ring will is going for the finish when it is reversed and Kronos his him and Amos goes for the cover and win. 

After the match The Wikked begin to attack Will and Jimmy hits the ring with a chair and chase them off. Then suddenly Jimmy hits Will in the back and setup up the chair in the middle of the rind and sit on it and stares at Will. Jimmy then gets on the mic and and says “Shawna that was for you baby girl.” Then he says this one is for me and proceeds to pick up Will and spear him. After he is running around screaming it’s Jimmy’s Time!!! What is going on with Jimmy Shane and Shawna Reed? New alliance? Come to March to Glory on March 2nd to find out. 

MAIN EVENT – WAR Wrestling Title Match

Carson Drake vs WAR Champion “Unchained” Brandon Day (WINNER)

The main event of the night was a rematch that saw Carson Drake take on the champion “Unchained” Brandon Day. This was no normal match it was a no disqualification submission match. Where the winner must win via submission. 

The start to the match is delayed as Jexy Blakk comes out on the mic with the Wikked and cuts a promo that her Beastman will be waiting for whoever wins. Then Beastmans come out and begins to take everyone out. Everyone is outside the ring and Brandon Day dives over the ropes onto everyone and this pretty much ends the fighting and we can now begin the match. 

The match goes on and is pretty back and forth for a while and the Brandon Day begins to build momentum and so the Hontourage “Insurance Policy” internets himself into the match and brings a table into the ring. Just as it looks like they are going to put Brandon through a table and secure the 2 on one assault victory. Brandon turns the tables and suplexes Carson Drake through the table from the top rope. Brandon then places Carson in a submission hold where he taps out almost instantly and Day secures the win and takes back his title. 

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