January 6, 2023 – WAR Wrestling returned to the Bradfield Community Center for New Year New Wars. During this night fans were entertained with 9 hard-hitting matches. Quick results are below.

Jacob Rose vs Qassius Starr (WINNER)

The night started with Jacob Rose taking on Qassius Starr. You may notice the last name of Starr is the same of WAR Wrestling RESPECT champion “Poison” Apollo Starr. After a fast pace match the victor was Qassius Starr.

(WINNER) “The Professional” Brandon Fields vs Mitchell Taylor vs Jean Paul Les Miserable

The second match of the night was a 3-way match with Brandon Fields taking on Mitchell Taylor and fan favorite Jean Paul. Lots of back and forth in the match with Brandon Fields taking the win. After the match Fields attacked Jean Paul before heading to the back. Brandon Fields has stated previously he is going to bring back professional wrestling in WAR. Is this how he plans to do it? Time will tell. 

(WINNER) Beastman vs ???

The third match saw Beastman take on 3 wrestlers in a beatdown. Wikked had to come out to help get Beastman to the back. The last few events has shown Beastman is uncontrollable and just wants to hurt all in his path.

(WINNER) The Wiseguys vs Shameless Thrillers 

In a fast pace night our 4th match saw The Wiseguys and Shameless Thrillers in a cage match. It an interesting match that left more questions than answers for how Jimmy and Will are getting along as of late. After The Wiseguys won the match we saw Jimmy Shane leave to the back without Will The Thrill. We will see if they can put their differences aside for Love is A Battlefield.  

RESPECT TITLE Match- Open Challenge

“Perminator” Sam Beale vs “Poison” Appollo Starr (WINNER)

Our 5th match was for the WAR RESPECT Championship where “Poison” Appollo Starr issued an open challenge that was answered by Sam Beale. After a back and forth match the ending saw Appollo retain his championship. 

(WINNER) The Wicked Vs Rachel Armstrong/Dex Royal

After intermission a new face to WAR Wrestling came out to introduce herself as Rachel Armstrong. While she was talking The Wicked music hits and they come out to the ring. It looks like Rachel is in trouble when Dee Royal (another new face to WAR) comes out and a tag match it made. After a tough fight from Rachel and Dex the match saw The Wikked coming out on top.

(WINNER) Shawna Reed vs “Hardcore” Heather Owens

To setup out next match Shawna Reed comes out to cut a promo about how the WAR Wrestling Women’s Champion has not been around and that when she was champion she was a fighting champion. She calls out the Champion Heather Owens to a match. Heather music hit and the match it set. The match is quick as the ref is distracted an a masked person takes out Heather’s knee and allows Shawna to pick the win and become the new WAR Women’s Champion. Who is this masked person and what happens now?

Aaron Williams vs “Darkstar” Matt Taylor

The 8th match of the night saw Aaron Williams and Matt Taylor face off to see who is the best. Both trade blows and go back and forth during the match. During the match the Hantourage come out and attack both men.

MAIN EVENT – WAR Wrestling Title Match

Carson Drake vs WAR Champion “Unchained” Brandon Day (WINNER)

The main event of the night was Carson Drake with The Humbler taking on Brandon day for the WAR Championship. The match ends in a DQ due to Carson blatantly low blowing Day. During this Carson steals the belt. While Drake is heading to the back Brandon gets on the mic and challenges Drake at Love is a Battlefield to a no DQ match.

This huge match is sure to blow the roof off the Bradfield Community Center!

Be sure to get you tickets for our next show Love is a Battlefield on February 3rd at the Bradfield Community Center in Lima, OH. Tell your family and friends to come out for a great night of entertainment. 

WAR Wrestling would like to thank all of out sponsors and fans for supporting us for over 20 years. Without you there would be NO WAR Wrestling. 

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